Simucube process priority

I have the possibility to automatically change process priority. From real time to low. I see 2 qTWebengine processes. Does it increase performance to give them higher priority, and if yes, would you set them to
Real time
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What is your idea behind to give them more priority? Usually it not really increase the performance.

That is exactly my question: is it affecting the performance? Fe Simhub would be a good example. IF there is an effect…

Any released version of Simucube 2 True Drive does not do any real time processing, so priority does not matter.

It doesn’t matter also in regards to high, higher, lower Aso?
Thank you very much

You can leave the process priority at default, it does not matter in any way.

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Or even close TD. :slight_smile:

Sorry, deleted first post because wasn’t written directly to you

Why do you have that much problems with TD? Think you are a smart dude. I had a G29 with shifter and then the Simucube sport R2. I never had a problem with the hardware or software from Simucube. I start TD, get connected automatically, choose the preset I use for the specific game. That’s it. I dealt with the settings and found my own way. I don’t use a single one from Paddock but don’t have a problem to be online. There are like 2 fractions: “R1+R2/purist/hightechnical/long-timers”
And the
“R2cool/no problems/so what guys”.
Reminds me to a religious war although it is getting better lately.
I would really like to understand why you are so upset.

Just out of curiosity:
Why does that change nothing at all? Just for TD or for every single process?
Is that a silly joke from Microsoft?
Kind regards

pretty sure he meant you can close td and don’t worry about process priority. sc2 works the same with td closed once you choose your profile.


Wait a second. I dont need TD to have open all the time? :open_mouth:
Like with the Heusinkveld Software? :thinking:

yes, exactly. doesn’t need to be open.

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This is great info. I was always told it needs to be running :rofl:

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Man, Don’t know what to say than: SORRY
Missunderstood to the max

I’m am so sorry!! I completely missunderstood. Embarrassing :tired_face::tired_face:

I tried it yesterday and my SC2 Pro is not working without TD :smiley:

start sc2 > open td > choose profile > close td
it works, just try

I see. That’s what you meant. I thought I don’t need to start the software at all.

That would be sophisticated to the maximum :joy: