Simucube problem 1 works in steps

Suddenly when I started my Simucube 1 30Nm Biss-C, the axis was working in steps, it was not linear.
Now all of a sudden I get errors.
Below I show you screenshots

for starters increase your fuv , set it 25 or 30

If it keeps doing it try decreasing mmc to 18.50 or 19 down from 20.

Yes, it seems that the fault is undervoltage while the wheel is doing the phase search routine. Setting lower MMC and MCC limits should help in this, but I wonder what has caused it to happen. Maybe aging PSU.

I have solved it,
I did continuity tests on the electrical hoses and one of the pins of the connector that goes to the box (the cable / connector that goes to the mushroom) had no continuity.
I open it and it was loose. Probably when bending the cables to hide them since they are excessively long and the cable came loose from the connector.
Once assembled everything has returned to normal, I still do not believe it.
Thank you very much for your contributions, I have seen the forum a little and the help you offer seems incredible, without a doubt I will stay here

Thank you and sorry for me english