Simucube Pro2 with Ascher wheel beeping repeatedly once turned on?

So yeah , the title says it all, as soon as I turn the wheel and base on, the wheel beeps and flashes a pattern repeatedly for about a minute , then stops beeping but the light on the wheel stays blinking, on true drive the wheel flashes on and off (so it seems like a connection issue) it s a F-28-SC wheel, the 3.6 volt battery I checked with a volt meter,it’s 3.6 volts, both antennas are tight, wheel and base have been flawless for a couple of years now, just turned it on one day and this, Guess I could try rebinding procedure ??? hell been so long without doing thing but using it I don’t remember, did I have to do that at the start?? thanks for your time !

You cannot check the charge of this battery type with a multimeter. Even an empty battery will show 3.6 V as the multimeter does not draw any current from the battery.

Constant beeping / connection-disconnection cycle is indicating an empty battery.

Thanks Mika, just what I wanted to hear, I was thinking that when I was checking the Battery with the fluke, it’s the only thing that makes sense, unfortunately no local battery places have this kind of battery, so I have to order online, one guy wanted to order me a rechargeable one, Bad idea huh ??? what brand do you recommend ?? what was in there was from when it was new, so, good battery, anyway, Love your product ! and this setup , Pro2, Ascher wheel, and heusinkveld pedals, is awesome! no one gets out of my rig without big eyes saying “Holy F***”

thanks again for your time, mike,