Simucube pro - iracing - ffb settings

Hello everyone.

I have recently just upgraded from a csl dd to a simucube 2 pro. Just wanted to get some feedback on what settings people are using for true drive.

I generally stick to the M4 GT3 so any suggestions relating to that would be great.

Ideally I’d not run any additional dampening etc but understand some are going to be needed to tune out oscillations.

These are the settings I have so far taking from others iv seen and increasing intertia a bit to remove oscillations at higher speeds.

Overall strength - 90
Steering angle - 640
Filter - 3
Damper - 10
Friction - 5
Inertia - 22
Static force reduction - 12
Slew rate limit - off
Ultra low latency - 10

I use the Dan Suzuki profile with my Ascher wheel ingame on max force 76.
Fits perfectly for me. :slight_smile:

This one? Thanks

I think this is the old version. He updated it recently.
I got it from Paddock though, so I don’t know the settings by memory.

Here are my two profiles. I have a general profile for a few cars like the GT3s and another profile for the LMDH as I was getting oscillation with my usual profile


Something I’ve noticed with the LMDH is that the wheel might still oscillate for the first lap or so until the tires are warm, a bit of a weird one that I’m not sure anyone has noticed or mentioned

Thanks for sharing , what are you in game forces set to with those values?
Iv struggled to get interia below 22 for the M4gt3 , especially down the straights at lemans circuit

Sorry should have added that. The LMDH I have at 75nm, LMP2 I have at roughly ±90nm and I’ll have the get back to you with the GT3’s. I do adjust forces depending on the setup