Simucube Pro 2 Power Supply Unit Failure

PSU not powering device. Have tried the below and opened a ticket as well as email my Authorized Dealer but seeing if community has some quicker answers;

I purchased my Simucube Pro 2 from G-Performance in July 2022 as per attached Invoice. Unfortunately, there is no power going to the unit this is what I have tried;

  1. Reseat all Cables/Plugs
  2. Used multiple USB points directly to the PC, including another PC
  3. Unplugged everything and waited overnight and tried again
  4. The Power Supply gets a green light and then starts fading away almost instantly and within 1 minute it is completely gone

Is this a PSU failure or something else? Any ideas? Thanks everyone.

Does the LED on the PSU behave the same if you don’t have it plugged into the wheel base?

Hey Mika, thanks for responding.

Yes it does. I disconnected PSU plugged into completely different power outlet green light came on and went off a few minutes thereafter.

Have logged Support Ticket. Panicking as Im based in South Africa no Authorized Dealers Ive also sent email to G-Performance.

I have not this issue, but mine is from june 2022, I fear about this issue, anyway to buy a PSU for spare ?

edit : I have the R2 version, 1 PSU

Is that the one from Phiphong? GD moved back to Meanwell after that.
You can grab that model from Mouser or some other electronics store. Should be 100% compatible, but I’d double check with Mika.
Myself with R1 stuck with 2 PSUs, at least they are also off the shelf Meanwell if anything goes wrong.


Yes its the Phiphong one. Still under Warranty shouldnt this be replaced by AD or Granite?

Thanks for feedback

Yes, we use the Mean Well GST360 unit now.

I haven’t done any statistical analysis on failure rates, but gut feeling from seeing the support cases is that the quality of the units is very similar.

Thanks Mika. Will Authorized Dealer or Granite replace mine under Warranty? It is less than 24 months old.

Materials ship from us to reseller who then ships it to you.

Thanks I have a phiphong, I will ordered the Mouser one, for spare, but need the model for EU, not UK.

Well, our power supplies are novadays customized from our suppliers, have been since around 2020 september if my memory serves me well. These have longer DC cables (1.8 meter) than standard models (1 meter) that can be bought from stores and in some cases also the input voltage is modified to support extra low AC input voltages. However the latter does not benefit you at all in as you live in areas where the AC voltage is 220. In some areas the AC voltage can go as low as ~90 VAC if the wiring and systems in their houses are a bit old.

So I need to contact the support to get this new Meanwell modified PSU ?

Yes, contact our support.

Hi all, just to confirm I received Meanwell PSU from Mouser yesterday and everything is working wonderfully.

A SPECIAL thanks to Mika, Tuomo and Tommi for all your awesome help. They went above and beyond to not just help but solve. Thanks guys …


I must point out that while the GST360A48-C6P model number is correct, the original one supplied with the wheel base or ActivePedal product is ordered by us from Mean Well with a different ordering code and there is a slight difference in the model number printed also on the unit itself.

The differences are that the one we use has 1.8m DC cable (standard unit has 1m), and that the boost characterestic of the PSU is tuned to better work even at 110 V AC voltage, and all the way to 90 V AC which could be the case in Japan and some other countries. The standard unit derates the power boost when AC voltage is lowered.

As @riaazjeena is in a country that has 220 V AC mains voltage, there is no difference for him except for the DC cable length. I wanted to point out the difference in case someone from the North America or any other country with 110 V AC mains voltage (or lower) sees this thread in the future - Contact our support to get the customized unit.