Simucube pro 2 not seeing wheel

Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, but i cannot see any threads on it. I have just purchased and set up a Simucube pro 2 r2 and a cube controls f pro wheel. my computer can see the wheel via bluetooth, and can see the wheel base, however in the true drive software my wheel is not detected. i have switched the wheel into discovery mode with the blue light flashing on the front and held down the paddles, but it still does not detect it. nothing is greyed out on the true drive software. i have tried unparing the wheel from the computer to see if that makes any difference in the wheel base seeing it, but no luck. i have the latest firmware updated on both the wheel base and wheel. as the wheel is connected to the PC i tried to run ACC, which sees the wheel and i can use the buttons etc, but no FFB on the base so i am guessing that is because it cannot see the wheel. can anyone please suggest anything else i can try?

Cube Controls F-Pro is not a Simucube Wireless Wheel, so it is not visible in Simucube 2 True Drive.

If you have no FFB on the wheel base, then it is likely some in-game setting that is wrong.

Thanks Mika, the wheel base is now working, unsure what the issue was but thanks for your reply!