Simucube Pro 2 FFB cuts out/Frames Drop

I have a Simucube 2 Pro/Ascher F28 combo. The last two days the FFB has been cutting out at the same time that I get frame drops while racing. It does not appear to be connected to hard outputs of torque because the FFB cuts out on straights as well as in corners and it does not appear to happen with any predictable regularity. The wheel base and wheel are less than 3 months old.

I’ve tested it in AC and iRacing and its worse in iRacing (VR screens fully freeze for a noticeable period of time and FFB cuts out entirely) than AC (just frame drops but very brief). In AC the hardware monitoring app shows spikes in CPU and GPU latency when the frames drop. In iRacing i do not see spikes on the hardware monitor when the frames drop and the FFB cuts out.

My PC specs are:

AMD 5600X
Nvidia 3080FE
32 GB 3600mhz RAM
Simucube 2 Pro
Ascher F28

The only new hardware I’ve put on in the last two weeks is a pair of Arctis 7+ headphones. However, the problem only started two days ago.

I want to blame the headphones but I’m entirely unsure. The Steelseries GG software is exceptionally stupid and has caused problems otherwise but I thought I had them solved (the capture software within GG was turned on and causing massive input delays, I turned it off, problem solved)

Is this an issue of the wireless hub for the headphones crossing signals with the Simucube/Ascher? I currently have the Simucube plugged into a USB hub that sits next to my rig and the wireless hub for the headphones is plugged into my PC, which is further away.

Any suggestions?

ok i did a little bit of troubleshooting. it is not the headphones: i uninstalled them, unplugged the headphone wireless dongle, and switched back to my old wired headphoens and the problem persists. it is not the GPU drivers, i rolled them back and the problem persists.