Simucube Pro 2 Cutting out

The last week or so i have been having issues with my simucube 2 pro cutting out mid race/session which then causes a whole drama powering it back up again. ive had the base around 6/7 months with absolutley no issues. I have checked all the cables, checked the supply to be power pack, checked it for excessive heat. i havent been using it in a extreme way etc etc. has anybody else had any issue like this or is it looking like i may have to send it away to get sorted?

Thanks alot

Do you have any Fault in true drive software?

no mate no faults on the software that im aware of. just says disconnected

No failures in true drive, I would think of a problem with the pc

I’ve tested all the usb ports on the pc and they’re all working. Tried a new usb to the base and still nothing unfortunately.

Do you have anything connected to the Simucube 2 Accessory Port?

Nothing connected in the accessory port

This must be a total stressful situation. Not only it takes away your baby, it takes it slowly, with a lot of concern and many time you spend trying to fix it. I wish you to get it sorted out asap, or a replacement :four_leaf_clover: