Simucube pro 2 broken?

Hello can you please help me. I have had the sc2 pro since december 2019. Since recently I have noticed slight cracking and grinding when force feedback is really felt while driving. At first I thought that the connections might have loosened the screws. But that was not the case. After I did some reshaping in the forum, I came across topics where it says that I should open the shaft and degrease it and tighten the screws. now when i turn this middle shaft you can see in the photo i hear scratching and grinding. When I put my hand on it, it cracks The device is 2.5 years old and no longer has a guarantee. What would happen in such a case. Is there any goodwill or what would repair cost?What do you say to that?

Our support will be able to comment on this. Please make a support ticket.

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