SimuCUBE pcb issue?

I’m having a strange issue with my SimuCube.

If I connect the x4 to usb hub (powered) , the hub shuts down. I does not do that with other devices.
I tested it with other usb cable and the result is same. It does work if I connect it to directly to computer

Also, not sure, but Mika if you remember the odd spikines issue. I think it’s gone, if I leave x4 disconneted.


First report of this type of thing. As it still works with PC, then maybe there could be some issue with the USB hub… I think there would be more reports like this if this was a systematic issue.

Yes, that was my thought too, but it does not do that with other devices.
I’m getting another hub and test with that. I will report later how it went.


I found hubs and USB to be very picky, (PLUGABLES) available on Amazon work for me, I do however only use 2.0 powered hubs due to the way windows allocates 3.0 resources