Simucube OSW SimRacingBay undervolting

hello , i just bought a SimRacingBay simucube 1 OSW et i get the error message : motor fault undervolting fault location id 0

i’m strugling with that since few weeks if anyone can help that would be very nice , thank you guys

Connect to the servo drive with Granity and tell us the fault location ID on the Testing tab - or just screenshot the whole content of that tab.

Which firmware versions are you running?

thanks for your answer , is that what you need ?

Hi, sorry the forum seems to be blocking your quick posts.

Lower the undervoltage fautl limit on the fault limits tab a bit and save settings.

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I managed to make it work with a file you sent to another guy with overvolting problems on the forum , but now im struggling to sync my wheel in simucube with real life degree …

If your real wheel is not matching the wheel in the Sim you likely have the wrong encoder information input into Granity.