Simucube osw experience so far

Have to say iRacing seems to work very well for me so far Assetto Corsa also very good Project cars not bad either def makes Pcars 2 feel a lot better than it is. rF2 is for me the worst sim. I’m having to keep fine tuning all the time and it seems I can never get that good road feel yes it will load up in the turns yes I feel bumps here and there but the curbs can be brutal compared to the overall feel from the wheel. And though I can setup more tension and FFB I still seem to be lacking that road feel that I get from the others. In general I’m really starting to love my wheel from simracingbay but rF2 leaves alot to be desired.

IIRC, the S397 forums have a thread for Direct-drive wheels with some recommended controller json settings. That should get the FFB closer to what you are seeking.

It’s worth noting that the default (per car) rF2 game-FFB strength is very high and should be reduced by at least 50%. I generally use 35-40% (.35-.4 per car FFB). Even then, some of the bumps effects are very strong without using a specific json tuned for DD-wheels.

My main league sim is rf2 for F1 I have chamged some of the json files but will need to take a closer look at it

I also run about . 35 to. 4 just those damn curbs and the odd bump I am loving it though just got to sort this particular sim out better

Ideally, the game developers would provide a preset for DD-wheels with the right parameters tuned accordingly. There are a significant number of users with these systems and more will be making the upgrade going forward, especially when the Fanatec and others arrive.

rFactor 2 is my main sim
That the bumps are brutal is a known issue
Search with google its a - negative value what must be positive in the player or controller file ( don’t know )
I run 0.97 with simcube and rFactor runs fine for me, Rcon filter 3 or 5
the rest I set to zero

Cant find that value. What are you meaning, please.

hi manalo go to program filesx86/steam/steam apps/common/rf2/user data/player/controller jason/steering affects strength and make sure it is -10000 hope this helps

hi manolo i think i gave you the wrong info…still go to the controller jason and lower the jolt magnitude and or rumble strip pull factor …that should help

This is what you need