Simucube or ioni issues

Guys I have a simucube system that has been running perfectly for two years. I have been away on hols for two weeks and on return i turn it on and it gives me an error on simucube “couldn’t connect to Ioni, reconnecting”.

I have tried rebooting, have tried going into “usb config mode” but I cannot connect to to Ioni with granity. Please anyone have any ideas?

First try new USB cables…

Thanks for the reply Beano but i have tried new cables already with no response. Both USB ports on the simucube board appear to be recognised by windows but I am unable to get config tool or granity to connect to board

Are there any led blinking on IONI? Can you check that the IONI is seated properly in the Simucube board?

Hi Mika yes there is a orange LED blinking and a green one on IONI. I have reseated card several times with no effect. I believe the LEDS are indicating Initialize for the orange one and Hard Reset for the green.

Rechecked this Mika,

LD1(orange) indicating LSS which means I think failing initialisation
LD2 (green) indicating LLS which means motor reset required.

Am I able to do fix this or is this a new IONI card required

Still unable to access via Granity

Thanks Gavin

Hi Mika, appreciate you are busy with SC2 but can you or anyone else help me diagnose this issue any further or do I need new IONI

Thanks in advance

The issue can be with either of the boards that causes the communication error and / or initialization error. Have you bought these products directly from us?

Yes I did Tommi. I initially bought a Ioni cube with IOni Pro Hc and later I bought a simucube board through the initial launch. Last night I was able to put it in dfu mode with dip switch and reloaded simucube boot loader and reinstalled firmware but still unable to connect with simucube or granity.

Hi Mika/Tommi,
I am still having problems with this issue. However I have purchased a new simucube board and ioni pro board but I cannot get them to work. I installed boards and loaded bootloader .dfu and installed simucube firmware 0.50.3 and then used simucube to upgrade firmware to ioni. I think this may have been wrong as when I try to connect IONI with granity it says its in firmware upgrade mode and I cannot connect to it. just like to know where to go from here as I am totally lost as nothing seems to work. I built my first system myself so I am quite familiar with it but nothing I do seems to have any result.


guys I have fixed it. I put simucube into dfu mode with s1 switch and was able to get into ioni with Granity and reinstalled 10710. i then rebooted into simucube and all is working now. Very happy:joy: