Simucube or granite settings fail

I just connect the ps4 with my simucube and HE pedals so far they are working but my ddw wheel are not smoothing and it move like a step and a step.(forgive me I can’t upload a video to show you).Can help me to check my granite and simucube settings.
(game:gt sport)
This is my osw DDW
Simucube + Ioni pro hc
Big mige + biss-c
PSU Mean well SE-450-48 48V9.4A

Typically with Mige setups, AXI invert must be on. Otherwise it feels like there are very notchy wheel positions.

Also, set up the bumpstop effect ramp range to 2 or more degrees to avoid a known no FFB issue.

Thanks Mika l will following your answer

increase fov to 50 or 51 just in case.

change mms to 1500 , not 3000.

Thanks Loukas_Bourdas