SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Public Beta release thread


tried again the wizard without touching the commutation buttons as you described and everything works fine again. Thanx!


ok, I will try to repeat the issue, and if I can repeat it, then I will try to fix it :slight_smile:


v 0.10.1 has been released.

  • Lowered Maximum Motor Current value does not get saved to IONI drive by mistake when user clicks clear commutation sensor settings button in the Motor Configuration Wizard
  • Motor Configuration Wizard restarts drive when user changes the settings, so the wheel will be at correct angle rather than -360 degrees at start.
  • Some text indicator changes/improvements in the Motor Configuration Wizard to make the Commutation sensor setup page more clear.
  • Unconnectable IONI drive (too old firmware, or disrupted IONI firmware update) caused the firmware to hang up in a loop. This prevented further communication with IONI drive also with Granity.
  • Configuration tool prompted to update firmware in some situations where update was not needed.



Hi Mika

I’ve noticed since updating to 0.10 (haven’t updated yet to 0.10.1) that my FFB strength is much weaker in iRacing than it used to be.
I am still running the same profile with max amps (12.86) and I used to have to run the Dallara in the 60’s (nm) and I’m running it down in the high 30nm’s which would have been impossible before.
I am not seeing any errors, so I can’t figure out what’s wrong?

Any ideas?


No FFB related changes were made in the recent releases. Can you confirm that the maximum current limit shows as you expect on the Advanced tab?


IRacing also did some updates related to the marbles or something in the last update they did.


The advanced tab does not show any current details?

There is a strange little ‘0’ that I’ve never noticed!?


I can see the amps on the hardware setup tab if thats what you meant?


Would the marbles update make such a dramatic effect to the FFB strength?
Guys with non DD wheels must feel nothing at all if so! :smiley:


It is a debug for something. Points to you if find what it is :wink:


I’m guessing it has something to do with updates?
Or if Simucube is in IONI mode?

Best I got!


Hello Mika
what will be new for the next version


Currently I’m not working on any new features that would be ready “soon”. A round of bug hunting.

Feature that is in in the works is a very simplified version of the configuration tool for beginner users.


The debris pickup model did change in iRacing with the last release and it tended to make the steering a little more vague… With the strength you may want to look to see if iRacing changed the Steering Pinion to 6 tooth in their set-up rather than 8 tooth as that change has a dramatic effect on the strength of steering in the Indy cars.


Firmware version 0.10.3 has been released.


Thanx Mika, appreciated :wink:



install 0.10.3 is OK
recalibrating the steering wheel successfully
raceroom is OK


Any luck? there is a price, just for you! :grin:


Simucube boot state?

I’m just guessing Mika!


Available update perhaps?