SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Public Beta release thread


sorry, how could i miss that, should not start drink so early on fridays :smile: thank you


it happens to all of us sometime !!


Version 0.9.0 has been released.

Please read the release notes and/or the readme.txt file.


Version 0.9.1 has been released.

Please remember to actually update the firmware via the Update Firmware button.


Version 0.9.2 has been released as a minor hotfix for RaceRoom Experience FFB issue.

Also, a new feature has been added - user is not required to press the Update Firmware -button manually anymore.


Version 0.9.3 has been released - changes are only in the Configuration Tool.

Bug fix:
Configuration tool will export simucubeprofiles.ini again, instead of corrupting VERSION file.

New features:
Configuration tool will automatically backup profiles to profiles_autobackup.ini when user presses the Save settings to flash -button.

Note: Firmware has not been changed. Just unzip this new version and use it instead previous versions.

Note 2: For a few minutes, 0.9.2 zipped as 0.9.3 was offered in Github. I apologize for the wrong file. :relieved:


Firmware Version 0.9.4 has been released. No changes since last night’s pre-release version.


Firmware version 0.9.5 has been released. Fixes issue with wrong CPR being read from drive. Adds a 30-second nag screen / pause at the end of firmware update, to try to make users not to power cycle the system at that point because automatic IONI firmware update could be in progress.


A question that I ask myself : we must turn off the box when we make updates ?

Until now, I always put my installation under tension and I started Simucube, and so the update was done and never a problem.


No turning off required at all. Some people were doing it too fast, which caused the IONI firmware updates to fail.


For people use bouton fonction.
Why 16 bouton in the soft Simucube Configuration and 15 boutton in the Wiki ?

A best design for Button’s fonction in the future with soft Simucube Configuration ??


We decided to support button inputs only in the X12 connectors to simplify user experience and to make it easier to build adapter cables.

We plan to have configuration of the buttons in the Configuration Tool, and we intend to implement support for incremental encoders there.


also, 16 buttons is just a nice even number, works nicely in the usb hid interface device descriptor. :slight_smile:


Firmware version 0.9.7 has been released.


If it can help, here is the french translation of the PROFILES and HARDWARE SETUP sections of SIMUCUBE

Done with DeepL Translator …
SimuCube Profiles Settings Traduction.pdf (188.3 KB)

SimuCube Hardware Setup Traduction.pdf (150.9 KB)


Are these meant for a wiki / user guide type of page?


@Mika , is as your wish …Is a translation more for a user guide , yes …


0.9.8 is out now.

Bug fixes:

Wheel centered inconsistantly sometimes when using the index point indexing mode, and sometimes also in the automatic mode. This has been fixed.
USB issue fixes
Sometimes, SimuCUBE’s USB stack got stuck, making it still visible in game controllers, but no inputs being registered. Also the Configuration Tool would show as Disconnected.
Workaround for this problem is in this release.
If USB is stuck, then de-init, pause for 1s and then re-init the USB stack.
On some systems, the PC will not start if SimuCUBE is on in a state where it is sending HID (position) reports to PC.
Workaround for this problem is in this release.
If a SUSPEND or RESET command is sent from the USB stack, then pause all report updates too for 15 seconds.
These workarounds are experimental, and could cause other issues. That why this release will undergo a bit more testing with some well-known beta testers before public release.

Improved DirectInput damping effect calculation. Now it reacts also to Positive Coefficient included in the effect.
Desktop centering spring has now an integrated, non-user adjustable damper effect, as well as a strength value that sets how fast it increases the force, and saturation setting that tells the maximum force that can be used.
Bumpstop damping effect has been improved slightly. There is now an additional, non-user adjustable low pass filter for the signal for this effect.
Added a small deadzone for the clipping LED. Previously it was lit when the value was at -16384 or +16384, now the limit is <-16300 and >16300.
If user has unsaved settings, a new page in the motor configuration wizard asks the user if he wants to save them, or reload the last saved settings before doing the wizard.
Ioni Firmware Update to 10702


0.9.9 is now released.

Bug fixes:
Directinput Friction effect works again
It has also been adjusted so that the effect output goes through a slight damping effect.
USB FFB fixes, including an unverified fix for F1 2017 has been implemented - needs wider testing

USB disconnect mitigation, which was introduced in 0.9.8, caused unwanted disconnections for some users. This has been implemented a bit differently in this version to not cause those disconnections.
Updated French translation
Added Italian translation
New features:

Automatic setup of commutation sensors for BiSS-C encoders via a separate dialog.
This feature is not yet complete.
If you to try it, you must run the Motor configuration wizard after performing the commutation sensor dialog. “Automatic Indexing” must be chosen. After enabling this feature, SimuCUBE will always have to be started with the wheel exactly at center.
Future development is to not require starting at center, i.e., SimuCUBE can be set up to not require phase search and will be immediately usable after startup.
IONI Firmware update 10705:

Improves stability and some rare unexplained hickups in 10702 and other previous versions.


0.9.10 is released, mainly a hotfix.

  • IONI firmware update to 10706, fixes centering issue with SinCos encoders
  • Fix for IONI drive going to fault when using index point based indexing