SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Public Beta release thread


Thanks a lot!!


Awaiting your test results now! :roll_eyes:


AMS strength working

1st time I forgot to unplug my rim and could set the steering axis. But alls good now . :slight_smile:



Definitely feels smoother and more refined. also less oscilation (iracing)
No placebo back to back test.
Also kerb impacts feel better (smoother)
and less oscillation while driving on a strait.


I only tested 8.11 on AC, inertia, friction, damper all is fine. Tomorrow I am going to tinker with 8.12 and other racing games.


Thanks for the update !
For rFactor2, I must set the ffb to 1.20.
With 0.81, that was 0.50.


DirectInput friction effect is working fine in DiRT Rally thanks.


AMS working now. Thanks for quick hotfix :star_struck:


rFactor2 doesn’t recognize my Asher buttonplate anymore (see debugging thread for more explanation) but i could shift with my thrustmaster shifter. And guess what…no more cut off from ffb :smiley::smiley: Yay
And ohw my what a nice feeling does give this firmware i could even go and play with filtering.
Did two ten laps races and no problem at all…i am so happy right now you can’t believe.

Thank you so much Mika (and rest of team :wink: )


BTW DirectInput effect is not working in Assetto, JFI.


Assetto Corsa uses the damping effect. Remember to set its strenght to nonzero value.


All good here on rF2 and P Cars 2 definitely feels better thanks :slight_smile:
stayed with original settings on previous build tested RF2 URD C7r and p cars 2 C7r
posted settings i have. love to see other peoples settings to try too :slight_smile:


Yes, DirectInput damping effect is working fine in Assetto Corsa also. Only tested in Lotus 49 at Brands so far, but feels good.


hello everybody

after upgrading to 0.8.12, in the SimuCUBE config tool , under Advanced tab, it says

SimuCUBE firmware version 0.8.12


Configuration tool version is still 0.8.11

is that ok , right?

another thing, one fried will update to Simucube firmware from MMos firmware

but he have one of the latest SimuCUBE based Áugury Kits and it comes whitout E-Stop buttom.

one of the steps in the video tutorial says to unrelease the E-Stop buttom, so i did all the steps with the E-stop released and unrelease it in that step…all was fine.

but as i said he doesnt have E-Stop buttom

what should he do?

just do the process in the same way?, and the device will phase multiple times, or what?

Thanks a lot!

i will start testing the 0.8.12 right now



Yes, this is right. The 0.8.12 update only concerns the Firmware and no changes were made to the configuration tool.

Installing DD wheel system without an e-stop button is not very wise. If the e-stop is permanently wired to be “released”, then the wheel will phase always at start. In the video, I just didn’t have it released so it it phased first before doing the wizard, and the wizard made it phase again.

Toggling the e-stop will also always clear any possible faults in the IONI drive, and that can also be done while driving. If there is no estop button, then clearing faults can’t be done when driving.


Thanks a lot Mika, so apart of that ,is safe to do the firmware change without an E-stop buttom?

Just pass the step of unreleasing It?

Thanks again.

BTW im loving the new firmware,

FFB is 10\10 on AC and Rfactor2, i can clearly feel more smoothness now , feel all the road, Cars are more conected to the road now.

I dont like PCars2 FFB , is very different from car to car, and even un those cars where FFb is decent, is miles away from the rest of simulators , a pitty because it have a lot of good things

Jumping to AMS now.

Seems that i will have to renew my iR account.



i dont know what you did but AMS ffb is 11/10 now
even more
is the first time i can play dirt races on AMS without destroying my rig and disturb all neighbors in the city.



Yes, its as safe as it has been if the user has been running with MMOS succesfully. User can just disregard the releasing of estop as presented in the video.


I installed the 0.811 version and now downloaded the 0.812 but I don’t get the update firmware button?
(software is installed in program files, not run from zip)

I have downloaded and extracted the files several times, same result. Any ideas?


hello, it’s in the hardware setup option