SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Public Beta release thread


I know this is probably a dumb question but…I was on 8.3 update
I downloaded the 8.4 from wiki
I clicked on the update firmware button and the program went through all the steps with no problem.
When I clicked on finish. The configuration software closed but did not restart.
I shut off the simucube and restarted it.
I then launched the configuration software
My configuration software show to be 8.4 but my firmware show to still be 8.3.
Any ideas on where I went wrong. I can’t seem to find any more info on Wiki…


Did you use the old configuration tool zip file contents or the new tool’s zip file contents to flash the firmware?

At the moment, the update process is an offline update. This means that user must unzip the whole thing to flash new version, and using the old version, flashing the old version can be done over and over again…


I believe you hit it on the head! I deleted my 8.3 folder and made sure I launched the latest configuration tool 8.4 and the update worked.
Thanks again for all your hard work. PCARS2 feels great!!!


Version 0.8.11 is out.


Not showing up on github for me :frowning:



Yeah, looks like github reorders files in the list so that the 0811 is before 083 and 084.


Was constant force already working pre .811?


Yes, constantforce is being used by iRacing and Dirt Rally, where as Assetto Corsa and rFactor and Automobilista seem to use Periodic Sine Effect so that the offset tells the strength and the magnitude of the sine wave is zero.


According to the new created ffb effects on AC it only uses damp and constant force


Then I remembered wrongly.


must update the firmware?then I never understood but the configation tool I always have to keep open when I play?


You unzip the new version package, then use the new configuration tool. Run the firmware update wizard to actually update the firmware.

This is all explained in the manual.

Configuration tool does not have to be open when you play.


I apologize to Mika and seeing that the firmware remains the same in the versions I thought would not need to be updated


Thanks again…I am loving this latest version so far. I am trying it in PCARS2 only at the present.


Thank you for the job done :wink:

A neewby question.I use already SIMUCUBE

I should start from this step: #3: Open DFUse Demo (verify that “STM Device in DFU Mode” is in the dropdown menu at top)

Or only by a “click” on “UPDATE FIRMWARE” button?


if you have an old version of the public SimuCUBE firmware installed. just extract the new firmware zip and run the config program from the zip and click update firmware button



Thanks…Done :wink:


Just put the points in there, should work then. e.g.


OK, 0.8.12 is out now.


  • 2500 Hz torque update rate
  • Device gain has again correct calculation. I personally tested that the Automobilista force strength slider does react now.


Great Thanks a lot Mika :):grinning::grin: