SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Public Beta release thread


0.11.2 has been officially released.


0.11.5 will ship last day of november or it will postponed for december ?


Our other simulation-related projects :sunglasses: have taken priority for the moment, leaving insufficient time to prepare a firmware release. I doubt we will have time to release this week. Keep in mind that the next release is something that we should be able to push to open source repository again, and a lot of work has been done towards making it happen.


Im assuming by the picture we are getting wireless for our wheels which would be awesome! I was looking at ways to do this recently so if you need anyone for testing count me in and just let me know what I would need to make it work.


Come on Mika, spill the beans already!


Yep Beans, I need a christmas present


@Raptoid: I know things - secret things - or, not :lol:


Can we start a wild speculation thread?

I’m speculating they’re putting together full systems …!!!


Now im wondering What you might or might not know. All i Know is ive seen things that cant be unseen lol.


Lols Troy. The same here :joy:


Would be great in making Simucube even more accessible, would benefit the whole Simucube ecosystem by growing user base and an alternative turnkey solution to others coming to market #soon


Please feel free to set up a speculation thread if you want, and lets keep this thread only for announcing new releases.


Im really interested in cutting the cord and wondering if this is something that’s coming soon. Its my only real complaint. The cord constantly gets caught in the paddles if the wheel spins fast.


When are you releasing the new version we are 6 day further?
I have a new windows installation and want to start with a fresh install of software.
So I don’t want to install the oldone :slight_smile:


Unfortunately no timetable at this point. Release will be when it is ready.