SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware: Next features POLL 2

Last poll was won by
Bootloader (well on its way…)
new game support.

I haven’t had time to do new game stuff, but its on the list. Initial reports were that many new titles actually worked too, so it eased the pressure there. But its coming, after bootloader is finished!

I implemented the Bumpstop effect too, as it was well winning the Bootloader at one point.

Next poll. In this one, you can only select one!

  • Button reading with debouncing.
  • Profile management. As a start, only multiple profiles to SimuCUBE memory. This will not include import/export from file.
  • Debug log from SimuCUBE memory to config tool.
  • Some commonly used bluetooth etc. module support? If vote, tell me which.

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