SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



No news yet. We have emailed previously.


0.11.0 is approaching completion; at least two popular encoder models and another nameless encoder model is working, however we have only implemented the 1 pulse per detent mode.

Pre-release testers are wanted again.


I am ok for testing for my small mige and encoder 10000ppr/40000cpr and ioni pro hc
Tests raceroom ans dirt rally


I can test the ALPS enconder I mentioned as I have on spare left and DR.


I can help with testing but I have a rather common setup.
SinCos with Large Mige.

Can test with rFactor2, DiRT Rally and Assetto Corsa.

I have made me a 800x800 wheel image as well.


Thanks Mika. Will start testing now.


sure thing Mika if you need another SinCOS


Version 0.11.0 has appeared to be stable for myself and testers, so I released it.

Please note, that the X12 encoder inputs are still very much work in progress.


Thanks Mika.
No changes from the test version?


There were changes from test versions, of course this latest 0.11.0b release fixes too high cpu consumption of the Configuration Tool.


never noticed that?
what’s considered “too high”?


it consumed one cpu core fully because the update rate was 1000 Hz.

If you did not install a prerelease version, then there is no worries.



Hard at work with many features.
There will be an attempt to fix one of the remaining USB issues in the next build.
There will also be new X12 input mode configuration: Option for 2 encoders + 3 buttons will be added, with pinout 1…8 being button, button, button, enc1, enc1, enc2, enc2, GND.


Thanx for update, Mika, appreciated.


if possible can we also get an option to use 5 buttons and 1 encoder?


Most likely not at the moment; too many if-elses in the code would make it run slower and it would be less maintainable in the future.


That’s unfortunate. I hope someday it could work out. I make a set of button boxes with a single encoder and it would have been great to offer a simucube compatible version.


Doesn’t the button box usually just use the USB connection on your PC?
Sorry, I don’t use them as I race 100% VR, but seem to recall that they were mostly USB devices.


That is the problem. I have 32 USB devices connected to my computer right now.
It would be better to mux them together, to lower the number of USB devices.

Some games doesn’t even allow a high number of USB controllers.


Would be very interested how you handle 32 I have 24 and am constantly having USB drop out issues. My setup is 2.0 because 3.0/1 would crap out VERY regularly. I have two 10 powered USB hubs and then VR direct off 3.1 plus two other 2.0 devices in 3.0 slots.

Random drop off, in game, loose wheel or motion or both or something else… VERY annoying and apparently no answers from ASUS X99 Deluxe II or forums…