SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware: Beta version 0.4.1 BUG Reports

Please report bugs here.

Try to be accurate, and also say if the bug is repeatable or not.

If you like a report, I will class that as “I got this problem too” so there is no need to report the same bugs.

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Hi guys,
Not so much a bug report, more a word of caution:

This is fire toy applicable to iRacing and the open fw - if you want to make changes to any settings on the GUI, whilst in the sim, and then saving them to flash, make sure you are not sitting in the car with ffb powered. You can do it in game, as long as you are outside the car, or you have the e-stop active.

Otherwise, it might take of f clock-wise and rip apart your wheel usb cord! Of course, I opened up my overspend limits to prevent tripping during excited racing…

So just take care doing changes in-game…

@Mika: Inhave not seen any new bugs during 3 hours of extensive testing, GUI/IONI interaction seems all fine now, and no issues between game and ffb effects either, all seems sorted. Centering issue haven’t popped up either, so that one is squashed too.

A suggestion to limit Recon Filter range 1-6 as an active range, from 7 and up, you need really heavy filtering to counter oscillations. Admittedly, my AKM 53K have a fairly low inertia, exacerbating the issue. So 0 can be disabled, and active selection range 1-6, perhaps with a few finer selections - just one idea.

But now very excited, fw feels super-well done on a top effort!


just a suggestions: in the read me there’s no mentioning whether returning to the MMOS is without problems, just going into DFU mode and then flashing it

It hasn’t been tested, but there shouldn’t be an issue with that.

I just flashed with DFU and left the DFU mode and turned off the power then put the power on but now nothing happens. When trying to connect with Granity the list of found & powered drives is empty.

I guess this means there is no way to get in to DFU mode again except doing it through Case C.

This would probably mean that the SimuCUBE firmware is most likely is installed.

As SimuCUBE now uses Simplemotion to talk with Ioni directly, you can’t just connect via Granity to Ioni anymore. You will have to use the button on the SimuCUBE configuration tool to release Simplemotion from the STM32F4 MCU to the USB connector.

This was, of course, mentioned in the readme.

In addition, do you have SimuCUBE visible in the Windows Game Controllers? “Nothing happens” is not a good bug report…

On 3rd power cycle it updated the firmware and everything looks ok now on the configuration tool. Not sure if the configuration tool needed to open or not for it to happen. I don’t think I did anything different on 3rd time but I’m good to continue again.

OK; good to hear that!

SimuCUBE does not need the configuration tool to be open for the Ioni firmware to auto-update, but reports like these are always good data. There might be, for example, a bug that causes the new firmware to go to some fault / idle state if the Simplemotion connection to Ioni fails at some particular point. Those faults are of course interesting and difficult to induce artificially, and thus difficult to debug…

@Sean Lewis: I have tested reflashing MMoS via Dfusedemo earlier during alpha testing and have not encountered any issues in doing it.


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JP, like Mika says, open GUI and on the bottom center there is button that says 'Enable IONI USB ’ config. Click on that, then go to Granity and connect to drive. If that is not enabled, Granity will open, but not see simplemotion port.

When you are done in Granity, disable that button in GUI to get game effects back.

And correct, to reflash to MMos after os fw was flashed, you need too open the box and set s1 to dfu mode. Flash via dfusedemo and shut down box, switch s1 to normal and you’re good to go.


No please dont on AC im set to tbw 4700 reconfilter 8 not getting any oscillations just pure joy. No other filtering.

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It’s working, thx Mika and Beano. ^^ love it already. Only thing with short testing I am just missing the steering stop effect but it’ll come later I reckon :slight_smile:

I noticed that when I save changed settings to SimuCUBE, the red blinking text “Settings updated…” does not disappear for me on the first save. Only goes away when I save 2nd time right after the first one.

Also as for an idiot like me, “Settings modified” sounds a bit more fitting to my ear.

Too much work and drag to go back to MMOs so I’ll be doing a heavy beta test on 24hr race. :smiley:

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The red blinking text… Are you sure it doesn’t disappear even if you wait like 5 seconds?

Yes, tested now several times and the blinking continues after 1st save. Only on 2nd save it goes away.

and Yes for future updates to the firmware after the initial MMOS method you will have to use the dip switches on the SimuCUBE board to get the board into DFU mode (until we get a boot loader within the firmware (on the todo books)… If for some unknown reason you would like to go back to MMOS you would have to use the “Case C” method as well.

Or perhaps at this point to leave the Recon Filter as is. Mika, we might see after open beta about feedback and go from there.

I am only testing on iRacing, effects could be totally different and improved on other sims with faster FFB scan rate.

So some good feedback already :slight_smile:

@Brion: Yes, answered earlier.

Hi Mika,

Installing DFU via the dip switch method ( normal operating procedure for me) works fine.
I did not attempt this thru MMOS.

In the configure motor, encoder section I do not see anything in the drop down .drc menu.

Enable Ioni USB config button appears to work fine.

All settings loaded directly to IONI HC via granity appear in the Beta profile settings correctly.

I will get my rig back together so I can do some driving in the next day or so.

Well done the interface looks very nice and seems simple to interface to !!!
Looking forward to the end stops working!!

We didn’t ship the drc files we gathered, as it is highly likely that users in beta already have working configs.

You can still test the feature. Save drc from Granity and put them to the same folder as the configuration tool.

Started testing the new SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware. Installation has been very easy and the process was smooth.

There seems to be an issue with E-Stop detection, though. I’ve been fiddling with the software, changing profile settings and shaking the wheel when the E-Stop suddenly is detected as pressed.

This happened two times so it can be repeated somehow. To clear this message, SimuCUBE power needs to be shut off and on again.

Just for info; I don’t use the E-Stop. It is hard-wired in my DIY build.