Simucube notching ffb in AC

Hi guys recently bought a simucube, all setup and in the testing phase.

Its a simucube, with ionihc with 48v 480w supply
With small mige and biss C encoder.

What feels like is happening at the moment is as soon as there is any ffb felt on the wheel it seems to notch to the magnetic poles on the motor and not give a smooth movement. The wheel will pull very hard to the notch while turning the wheel then push out of the notch while cornering harder.

Brains trust, any ideas on what could be causing this?
Setting in ac? Or issues with simucube firmware? Or something else?

I have calibrated the motor with in simucube software and inputted settings as per some guides online for this motor.

It is a classic case of

  1. if DIY build, switch any two motor phase wires and it will be fixed

  2. if not DIY (pre-made cables or something), invert AXI in Granity.

If you do 1), you will remain compatible with typical DRC files (if you already used one, or imitated settings from a working config). If you do 2), you will have to switch the AXI invert in the future if you ever make a mistake of trying out another DRC file - although typically there is no reason to do so ever.

Told you the experts would know :slight_smile:

I had to leave for work and that was one thing I thought about doing just before I left.

Thanks mate for all the hand setting me up. You deserve a shout out for helping!!

No problem mate hope you get it working, love my osw and iam sure you will love yours to.