Simucube not working

Good evening everyone,

I need help with my Simucube version 1 .
When I first turn on S.C the wheel base goes thru its start up. The images I have added is what happens after. The last image is the event log. Please help. Thank you

The Over Voltage Fault would be either a FOV setting that is too high … ? Did you recently do any changes within Granity or hardware (i.e. changing to a lower voltage PSU).

OR worst case scenario would be a possibly broke Braking resistor which is not allowing the system to soak up excess voltage causing the Over Voltage issue to trip.

We do not offer support for this very old firmware version anymore.

I think you should connect to the servo drive via Granity, and post the content of the Testing tab.

By the event log it can be seen that the encoder value is not being read. Is this a new system - has it ever worked?

Thank you for the response. It is four years old and i have not changed any settings. It just stopped working.

OK, I also saw your support ticket. Please post the requested information from Granity.

I have no clue how to do that.

Hello Mika i have posted your request on the open ticket i sent thru the support page. Thank you.