SimuCube not detected after installation of Sim Tools

I have a question regarding simucube regarding not detected anymore by PC.
After 8 months of almost effortless use of my Simucube, my PC (windows 10) does not recognize/connect the Simucube any more. It all happened after installing new software from Sim Tools, in order to get my new motion rig from Pro Simu to work. Now the rig with 5 activators works, but the Simucube is not working, it states as disconnected in the operating mode (red text), and unknown under active profile and e-stop motor status (yellow text).


Does the Game Controllers screen in Windows show it? Does it show in Control Panel -> Devices?

Can you also try out the SimuCUBE on another computer, to rule out any configuration issue on that machine after the SimTools software install?