Simucube mounted on motion rig: movements

Hi there,

I have been running a Simucube for the better part of a year mounted on the rear section of a SimXperience-based motion rig (w/ drift module), as this is the only place I can purposefully mount it. It is fixed with velcro and is stable.

Now I have had a USB connection problem that could be solved by simply re-plugging the Mini-USB cables at the back of the Simucube. Not an actual problem at all. I would go ahead and 3D-print a cable fixing mount for the two USB cables to stabilize them and keep forces away from the plug. That’s easy.

But this led me to thinking whether the entire Simucube internals, especially the Mean Well PSU, is capable of surviving the movements of the rig in the long term. Are the PSU’s coils fixated enough to survive the movements? Other critical parts? Or should I be fine? Anybody having a longer history having it mounted to a motion rig?


It should however there is one thing you can do for added security and that is the SimuCUBE board actually has two small cutouts that will allow you to place a zip tie around the IONI board to the Main SimuCUBE board to secure it from removing itself from the slot it is in… Other than that just make sure everything is tight.