Simucube motherboard died on me

Hey there,

When I power on my SC1 nothing happens anymore. No leds are lit up on my simucube motherboard and IONI HC PRO. Only the PSU is lit…

Is there anything I can do to try and fix it or do I have to buy a new Simucube motherboard?


EDIT: All connections seem to be OK (the ones coming from to PSU going to the Simucube board)

I would measure the actual output of the PSU with a multimeter to see if it is really dead.

As Mika said first step is to measure the PSU output to make sure it is supplying voltage… If there is no load this could be a fake reading… I.e the PSU will be fine with no load… but it is possible for the PSU to shut down as soon as a load is supplied so it might be best to measure with the SimuCUBE board attached to make sure it is working… If it is not supplying voltage, you will most likely just need to change the PSU.

I asked my father who knows more about this kind of stuff. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more info. Thanks for the advice gents.