Simucube, Large Mige - Operating Mode Disconnected

Hello Mika,
Tomo from Simracingbay asked me to write here.
I have a Simucube since yesterday.
Unfortunately, the fun was quite short, it only worked once briefly.
The Simucube no longer recognizes operating mode and status.
But if I connect the two USB cables to my old notebook, everything will be recognized correctly.
So it seems to be a USB problem.
I have just tried an external USB 2.0 hub, it does not work either.
The fun is now very clouded, what can I do?


I had similar issues, USB port, USB cable, USB loose connection - a lot of possible issues on the radar. Try another USB cable and different ports.

Unplug all other usb devices especially vr. I had to buy an internal usb 3.0 card for it to work.
Simucube needs a lot of bandwidth.

VR is the culprit here :wink:

Try to verify that you are connecting to a Intel/AMD usb port, and not 3rd party AsMedia USB port.

so, a clean Windows installation, as well as a deactivation of asmedia in the bios has worked. Now everything is running clean - thanks for the tips!
Oh yes, I do not have a VR

Hey all, I am having this exact same issue. I bought a iracing sim rig second hand a couple years ago. It worked perfect from the time I brought it home for a year. Work slowed down my game play and it has sat for a year. I fired the unit back up this week and now it is not working at all. I have the same config tool reading as what is in this thread up top. I have no idea where to begin. I read this thread and tried moving the USB ports however this unit worked perfect where they were prior but I did it for good measure. I do not know if I am fully aware how to download a “Clean Windows Installation” like @Sniffel did or even know what the asmedia is. Any help or suggestions would be great. I thank you in advance.

Try with different USB ports on the PC. Also, check that you use the X3 USB port on the Simucube (the left port). Try with another USB cable to rule that out.