Simucube, Large Mige - Operating Mode Disconnected


Hello Mika,
Tomo from Simracingbay asked me to write here.
I have a Simucube since yesterday.
Unfortunately, the fun was quite short, it only worked once briefly.
The Simucube no longer recognizes operating mode and status.
But if I connect the two USB cables to my old notebook, everything will be recognized correctly.
So it seems to be a USB problem.
I have just tried an external USB 2.0 hub, it does not work either.
The fun is now very clouded, what can I do?




I had similar issues, USB port, USB cable, USB loose connection - a lot of possible issues on the radar. Try another USB cable and different ports.


Unplug all other usb devices especially vr. I had to buy an internal usb 3.0 card for it to work.
Simucube needs a lot of bandwidth.


VR is the culprit here :wink:


Try to verify that you are connecting to a Intel/AMD usb port, and not 3rd party AsMedia USB port.


so, a clean Windows installation, as well as a deactivation of asmedia in the bios has worked. Now everything is running clean - thanks for the tips!
Oh yes, I do not have a VR