I have a kollmorgen direct drive wheel with simucube software loaded on a new dell computer purpose built for iracing.

I can not find anyone with an osw setup that races on iracing primary with the dirt cars. I ha e driven my simulator with different commercial wheels and have been faster. Since I have went to th osw I have slowed down my nap times. No one can help me that I race with because they use fanatec or similar wheels. Could someone help me with general setup for dirt on iracing and what settings I should adjust between tracks and cars? It’s very frustrating.

One more thing. I have an Asher button plate and frequently the buttons stop working. I can remove the button plate from the servo motor and it works perfect. I re-attach it and it’s hit or miss. It’s like all the buttons become dead.

The most important question is setup for dirt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Opie: You need to run one wire from the button-box gnd pin to your quick-release, make sure there is direct contact with the metal in the QR.


Can you post your current settings, both iRacing and SimuCUBE

Try this settings:

And then in iRacing the value max force (Nm) works like this:

Smaller value is more force, higher value less force. With that value of 531 it will be like not having FFB. Set a value from 40 to 60 Nm to test.

That’s the way I have it grounded. What do I need to change?

Have you tried these settings for a dirt car?


Do you use these setting for dirt cars?

I seem to do better with a low ffb on them.


Thank you

I only use road cars. And sometimes oval.