Simucube / ioni pro, initialization problem

Hi guys,

first of all sorry for my poor english. I was trying to update the ioni driver as written on the installation guide but i’ ve encountered more than one problem.

-the device is seen as “USB serial converter” and as a “USB Serial Port (COM8)”
-led on the IONI pro are: LLS on the green led, and SSSL on the orange one.
-Granity software dont recognize the ioni board when i press “connect to drive” neither under “Simple Motion Serial Port (COM8)” nor "SimpleMotion USB (FT230X Basic UART).

Please help me, this is driving me crazy :sweat_smile: :joy:

FTDI virtual com port drivers are available here:

Typically they do not need updating, Windows should install the correct driver, but if you have tried some manual ways, reinstalling them from FTDI website usually solves the issue.

Thank you for the quick response

Ok now the situation has changed after i managed to get the ioni recognized.
i’ve proceeded in this way:
-first i have updated the IONI board thrugh Granity.exe
-installed simucube fw through DfuSeDemo

  • i got the simucube recognized as “SimuCUBE” on the “simucube configuration tool”

now i want to install a preset file for the motor configuration on the ioni board like in this video ( min 10:03 ) , the problem is after i’ve press “enable ioni usb configuration” the error “Drive firmware update error. Turn system off and on again” shows up.
Disabling and enabling another time gets me in the “ioni granity configuration mode. games will not work!!” status.
than i launch the granity.exe to install the preset config, but in the “connect to drive” section is displayed only the “COM1” port and nomore “SimpleMotion USB (FT230X Basic UART)”.

Don’t know how to fix this