Simucube + ioni pro hc + kollmorgen ak?-?-?


Hi all,

I’m trying to clarify my mind about the part numbers I need to build my OSW. I have read a lot about servos (build, pre-build…) but I need some help to choose the kollmorgen servo (my chosen one).

Could you give the recomendation about if I need AKM-G/K… if I need 52,54, 6X… which feedback option is right for Simucube + IONI Pro HC, if Kollmorgen needs a Bliss C encoder… (if somebody could give me some ideas to purchase the right one).

Thanks a lot.



I would wait and see what guys say about the ultimate. If good report I would buy the SC2 ultimate instead of doing a full build with AKM servo.

The reason I say this is based on cost. Unless you find a used motor at a very good cost you will be spending $1k plus just for the motor.