Simucube Ioni drive with Bosch Rexroth Multiturn absolute Hiperface optical encoder possible?

I’m new and off course I have a question:-) I have a Simucube with an Ioni pro HC. I have some Bosch Rexroth Servomotors as well. A MSK050 and a MSK070 (which is probably to big). But the MSK050 with 1.20Nm per A should be a start. Now this Servo has a so called Multiturn absolute Hiperface optical encoder with a Pinout like this:

  1. VCC 2. Gnd 3. A+, 4. A- 5. B+ 6. B- 7. EncData+ 8. EncData- 9. EncClk+ 10. EncClk-

The specs I found are:
Optically; ±80 angular seconds; Absolute (more than 4096 motor revolutions); 128 x 213 = 1,048,576 bits of information / revolution
Would it be feasible to connect it like a BISS-C Encoder? And is the Drive/Simucube able to process the EncData? Which would be the parameters to change and how?

I hope for some help and thank u all for the ongoing support here and all the good advices!

Most likely the easiest way would be to try to make it work as SinCos encoder. IONI does not support Hiperface interface.

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THX Mika! I’ll give it a try.