Simucube & Ioni Connection issues

Hi all,

Been going round in circles for a few hours with a new build Simucube/Ioni.

Simucube board shows green LED3 and Ioni displays SSSL - orange & SSL - Green.

I’ve updated the Virtual COM port drivers to the preferred version - as per the wiki however Granity still does not show the Ioni.

Connected device shows up under ‘Bluetooth and other devices’ as FT230X Basic UART - Granity does not show any device recognised across COM ports or via SimpleMotion USB.

Both Simucube and IONI are unused till now.I’m probably missing something, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


Do you have any motor, encoder or e-stop button connected yet? If yes, disconnect everything to rule out issues with those.

Then, have you installed any firmware to Simucube yet?

Hi Mika,

I had an E-Stop fitted, now removed, no motor or encoders connected.

Still SSSL on orange indicator and now LLS on green.

I still have no visible drives through Granity (1.15.3_win64 or 1.15.1) and when connecting to the Simucube Configuration tool It shows as disconnected, unknown, unknown.

I will look to go through the bootloader steps to update Simucube FW.

The device should be visible as STM32 bootloader already if you haven’t installed any firmware yet. I would have suggested to put the device into this mode by using the dip switches, if you had already installed the firmware to Simucube.

Do you have another PC to try with?

Bootloader installed correctly and now the wheel/motor is working correctly positionally.

I think I just need to get the correct profile loaded now to suit the small mige/biss-C - carried out the auto recognition for Biss C and motor phased etc, no FFB apparent, so I believe it’s now just a case of dialling in the settings.

What power supply are you using?

You can get the .drc here.