SimuCUBE initial set up

Hello everyone. My first post, I’m trying to set up SimuCUBE configurator but I’m getting this error. “ the code execution cannot proceed because Qt5Core.dll was not found”
I would up load pictures but page is not allowing it
Any ideas

This might happen, if you try to run the Configuration Tool from inside the zip file.

Please unzip all the files included in the zip file into same directory and start the .exe from there.

Thanks for reply mika. I managed to open it now, the configurator tool pops up and then says it needs to update, so I update it and the window closes and I turn off my Simucube box, turn box back on but for the life of me I can’t find the simucube program again, where should I look ? Tried installing program again but same thing I can’t find program

well, it must be where you unzipped it to… can’t really help you with that.

(Other than saying, that we will implement a proper installer some time soon!)

Can’t do it. Reinstalled it again. Calibrated it as well this time and saved settings to simucube. Closed app and no where to be seen when I tried to find, giving up for tonight 4 hours in and my head is buzzing. Any kind of video guide anywhere for me to follow ? I’m really struggling with it

hmm, it might be that you are unzipping the whole thing into some kind of a temporary folder, which then gets cleaned somehow.

I only unzip the simucube configurator file. That’s right isn’t it.

yeah, thats right, unzip to a known location in your computer, and always launch the tool from there.

Are you in the USA?
If you are ,message me with your phone number and email and I will help you get sorted.

Thank you very much for the offer Joe but I’m in the UK, switched over from Xbox to my first PC isn’t helping either.

There are lots of OSW guys in the EU. Someone will get you sorted. Where did you get to your control from?

I suggest you put a folder on the desktop of windows ( main screen) named OSW and install all of the OSW files there.

All of the Simucube files must remain in the same folder after you unzip them.

Bought it from sim racing bay, Tomo has been helping me and he also suggested putting files on the desktop. I’ve been waiting for my wheel to arrive so I could complete my rig and that arrived yesterday, after spending so much money it really frustrated me I couldn’t get it going quickly as I dying to try it out.

Tomo will help you get sorted.

Install teamviewer on your PC then whomever helps you can log into your PC and make changes that need to be done.

Ah teamviewer, good shout forgot about that program :+1::+1::+1: