SimuCUBE for simulators

Hi, I’m Bernat, I just bought an OSW, the new 30nm model with Simucube 0.9.7, by default comes a configuration that I used for iracing and it works. But I would like to be able to configure it better for iRacing, asseto, dirt 4, dirt rally, euro truck simulator …
I have seen this community and I would like to have if you can help me a bit since I do not know what parameters I can modify of simucube and what not. And also what files I have to modify in the games.

Someone can help me? or @Mika Could you help me? thank you!

There are numerous threads for game settings on the games subforum.

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Hello I’ve been looking at the threads, asseto I have configured it by a thread here and iracing also though with the configuration that comes from simcube series since I do not know how it works, but I have modified the game files.
What I do not get is dirt4, dirt rally with the tutorials here does not work. In dirt 4 it makes me scroll in the menu and in dirt rally I can not detect the steering wheel.

If you have a read of the beginning of the Dirt Rally thread it explains how to get Dirt Rally to recognise your wheel. Simucube settings for Dirt rally

See post no. 7

re dirt 4 I have not setup yet but my pedals seem to cause the scrolling on mine in menu. i would disconnect them setup wheel possibly clear mapping to pedals as looks like it is mapped to wrong thing by default.then re connect them and re map
will try setting mine up again soon
thread here on settings for wheel

this is post from page should help
"It should be noted that OSW users using the new SimuCube firmware need to change the device ID in order for this fix to work with the new SimuCube Firmware (not MMos).

cant seem to post the id but look on page hope it helps :slight_smile:

@Simon_Jones, I have changed the id of the driver that I found in the control panel devices … and I have changed the device_define and actionmaps files but I do not know if it is because windows detects the device as a game controller and not as a steering wheel that does not detect it well . Also in the menu goes up and down and it is not possible to choose anything. Both with connected and disconnected pedals.
Thank you!

@Ceolmor ok,
I will try this option if I get it, I need some more configuration in the game so that I can take the wheel well? degrees, strength, vibration …
Thank you!