Simucube firmware not working on Ionicube


I know that my question has been probably many times answered, but I’m stuck and I don’t want to do somethings wrong and crash my IoniCube.

So I bought this Ioni to someone else, he made me try on his computer and all goes really good. He explain me a little how it works and say that I can find tutorial on Youtube all is explained but unfortunately didn’t find all the information, so I come to you for a little help.

So I can connect my simucube with Granity and see that I have IONI Pro and my firmware ist 1.6.1 (yes I need to upgrade but I prefer to make it work bevor update this). I can make my MiGE rotating in Testing Tab.

I can launch MMos ForceFeedback and the USB device logo is green and I can set the configuration.

But when I try to launch Simucube Operating mode stay Disconnected.

I read on this forum that I need to install a bootlader with DfuSeDemo :
But at the beginning of this article say :Due to hardware differences, SimuCUBE firmware is only supported on SimuCUBE builds and will not work on builds based on IoniCUBE or ARGON .

What does it mean did I work with mine?

Other question if I have good understand I only need to connect the USB-B port to play and I dont need Simple motion V2 adapter to be connected? Simple v2 adapter is only to update the firmware is that correct?

Thanks for your Help



When you have IONICUBE, then the firmware MMOS is installed on a STM32F4 Discovery board. That firmware will also work on Simucube board. But, the IONICUBE+SMT32F4 Discovery lacks hardware that the bespoke Simucube firmware depends on, so it is not at all supported on IONICUBE+STM32F4 Discovery system.

Thank you for your answer, I’m very new to this.

You say that Simucube will not work with my configuration?

So I’m desperate, I receive a response on another Forum and it say that I can install Simucube. So I do the Update like it was described on the link that I provided and now when I start Simucube it’s say firmware error please turn off and on. (already done nothing change)

When I start MMOS the usb is red now and I can’t do nothing.

What can I do now ? Can I flash the good firmware or I have done somethings that can’t be undone?

Thanks in Advance.

Yes, the other forum maybe referred to the fact that you may purchase the Simucube and then install the SImucube firmware on it.

You should be able to install MMOS firmware back using DfuSeDemo or St-Link software, if you get the Discovery board back to correct mode. Please consult it’s documentation on how to achieve that.

go download STSW-LINK004 . install it and open it.

connect your disco board with your pc

b.erase chip
c.program & verify hex file located in (if you don’t have it tell me)
e. flash
f. disconnect
unplug it from your pc.

then plug disco again to your pc and open mmos forcefeedback 2014 located in (if you don’t have it tell me)

now the light should be green. press setup to make some changes , tell me if you get up to there to tell you the changes.

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Hi Loukas and Mika,

Thanks for your answer really appreciate.

So with STSW-LINK004 on my Computer when I try to connect it say: No ST-Link detected.

I have also try on my laptop and I only install this Software but I have the same result : No ST-Link detected (I have reboot after installation and after that connected the disco board ).

I have try with both computer on windows 10.

Also try to open DfuSeDemo but now way the software didn’t found it.

With granity I can always connect to my IONI and see firmware and stuff.



Did you connect the discovery board to your pc directly?

good point. As far as I remember, there is a separate st-link usb port on the Discovery.

Ok so I maybe misunderstand what is the discovery board ?

It’s not the usb stick with the rj45 plug (simple v2 adapter)?


no, its not that. It should look something like this:

Ok thanks, I’m in with STM32 I will now try to do the step that loukas has written

Ok So disocery board is flash with the firmeware and usb is green on mmosforcefeedback tools.

Thanks a lot.

Now what can I do next to finally play with this beauty on Project cars 2 ?

vendor say that I need to configure like this:

is it correct?

But after that how to configure my Wheel I really don’t get it

If those settings are saved, then you would see your wheel moving in Windows Control Panel when you turn the wheel. After that is working, just use it in any game.

did you save your device setup like that in the picture ?

in project cars 2 have you assigned your steering wheel ?

Yes that works thanks a lot for your help.

Last question for firmware update in Granity I have the 1.6.1, Can I update directly to the last one (1.7.10) or I need to make one by one?

Thanks and Cheers


You can update as far as i know but make sure you don’t tick the selection to delete your motor settings. If you need any help with your granity settings just upload some picks from the tabs in granity to check them.

also i believe that you need some overall filter and bring down that max force in mmos for project cars 2

good custom ffb can be found here