SimuCube firm update. No transferred data


I was trying to upgrading from MMoS to the latest SimuCube firm and I have an unexpected problem.

Well, as you can see in the pictures below; unit is in DFU mode and recognized properly, Dfuse /STM drivers are installed without problems (Windows 10 Pro), IONI firm was updated priorly to 1.7.7 with GraniteSoftware utility, all “steps to verify before starting” checked from granite devices webpage and when I try to initialize the process (I mean when I click in upgrade button) no data is transferred.

It shows 0KB of 0KB uploaded. I have tried several USB ports and connect/reconnect USB cables with no luck… Does anyone know why?

Is it possible that you are pointing DfuSeDemo to inside of a .zip file? If so, try to unzip the file first.

Nope. Unzipped and installed correctly. Standard launch from Windows menu.

I mean, it is as if dfuSeDemo can’t read the .dfu file. That can happen if you try to open the .dfu file from inside a zip. Or there is insufficient file permissions otherwise.

SimuCube firmware files are unzipped too and I try launching Dfuse with “runs as admin” option (from right click)… Nothing changes.


This is really strange. I’ll PM you in a few minutes.

Turns out that updating from MMOS, the dfu file supplied with 0.11.1 might not have worked, but the _reset_all_settings.dfu file worked, and @Heatseeker is now set up correctly.

Todo for us here at GD is to check out what causes the issue with the .dfu and MMOS being there originally. The process of building the dfu file has not changed… :thinking:

After investigation, the .dfu file included in the original 0.11.1 zip file was indeed somehow broken. I’ve updated that zip file to 0.11.1b with this change only. The corrected version will also be included in 0.11.2.