Simucube Device Id and GUI

Where do I find does?
Just downloaded vrally4,but no Ffb. Everything else ok,but no Ffb.

Accuforce is supported.
It’s seems like this is the same challenge to get Ffb to the wheel like it was with Dirt games.
I did find the device,XML files in the local vrally4 folder.
It says

Simxperience Accuforce Pro v2
GUID = { 2152472521, },
Axis =
ControlId = GenericDeviceControlId.I_ICI_GENERICDEVICE_AXIS_LX,
DIAxis = DirectInputState.AxislX,
Filter = FilterType.Stick,
Maybe someone could help me?

As far as I know, GUID is something that Windows generates for the device. One should be able to find it via the device manager.