Simucube Connectors

I just ordered my simucube and while I’m waiting for it to ship I’d like to get the wiring done. I have the shielded cables that came with my Mige 130ST, but I was wondering if there were suggested connectors to use for the Encoder and power cables? I’ve looked around on digikey, but I figured I’d ask here since I have some time before my Simucube will arrive.

The power cable plug comes with Simucube and the encoder connector is a standard D15 connector.

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Hi John, I have a diy simucube. I recommend you waiting your mige 130st arrive and check the connector.If you are using bissc encoder they are fit you have no need to change the connector. The encoder wire from mige are shielded cable, you may need to check the power cable sometime they will not pair you a shielded cable but sometime they will.

If you still worry about the bissc encoder wiring please check this.

Hi, I don’t have the BISSC. I have the 5000PPR encoder. It came with bare wires.
Thanks though!

When I built mine I used a db15 terminal ( I copped a lot of criticism for using it but I’ve never had an issue. If you solder all the wires in and have made a mistake, you have to unsolder them all. With the terminal, you simply unscrew.

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