SimuCUBE Configuration Tool Translations

We have started to set up the translations repository on Github:

This is the official thread for the translations, updates, comments, etc. Note, that I have not added the actual files to be translated yet, that will happen later today or tomorrow.

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Translations have been added. Let the translations begin!

I’ve started with some Dutch translations but finding the right context without the forms is rather difficult sometimes.

e.g. what will be filled at the %1, %2 placeholders? I can not see a clear reason why there would be placeholders in these strings in the first place.

Are these just for text bolding/link generation?

Seeing as I cannot load these translations I cannot see how they fit or what the placeholders will contain.

I work as a developer in my day job and we also create translation files. This is the first time I’ve been on the other side and it is quite difficult I find!
Some things could be translated perfectly fine to Dutch but then you would lose any ability to google those terms or ask on these forums about them. I think I will keep all technical terms as much in English as I can.

Any thoughts on that?

Mostly the values are for html:
first %1 starts bolded text and %2 ends it. In some cases, if there is only one value, it is usually a number that is put into that position on the string.

and yes, for link generation. :smiley:

Yeah, it is always difficult to find the balance between translating absolutely everything and leaving some technical stuff as-is.

We left the debug log functionality (all the strings that it can output to log) untranslated for exactly this reason.

@Mika : here

I downloaded Qt Open Source but I have just Qt Creator and not Qt Linguist. Where could I find this ? Thank-you.

It would appear, that you have to select some Qt package as well:

Then the Lingust should be available both in Start menu, and in the qt folder:

You can add the Qt distribution to your system via the Qt Maintenance Tool, which is installed in the folder you installed Qt in:

Please note, that you don’t need whole Qt with all features. The MinGW packages are enough:

Ok Thank-you @Mika:slight_smile:

I added a note that only the mingw packages are needed - no need to download that whole 20+ gigabytes :slight_smile:

I’ve added some new strings to translate, related to the new features in the next version. Namely, I implemented a selection page for the user to save settings to flash or to reload settings from flash if there are unsaved settings and user runs the motor configuration wizard.

@Mika How to transfer these new strings in my old file. I don’t want to translate again all the stuff I made… :slight_smile:

You can use git for that. Any git client will show you what has been added, and you can merge the files manually based on that.

I recommend Sourcetree.

A French translation was added to repository. I re-ran the Qt tools, as one of the strings was changed in the User Interface.

I will include the French translation in 0.9.8, if @Stef can do that one string by Thursday afternoon.

Ok I will give you this tonight… :slight_smile:

Can you add Chinese translate template?


I will add that for next version. We have been developing the next version for quite a while now, and many strings have changed.

Please keep in mind, that profile names will remain alphanumeric latin1 strings as they are stored in the hardware as 8-bit.

OK, this is my first time to use QT.
I need time to get familiar with it.

Hello there
I have translated into Chinese font
Now how to load files into Simucube Configuration Tool into Chinese interface

The source files for translations in Github repository is pretty outdated. I will take a minute to update them when we next update the Simucube 1 software. You can then commit the translated files to Github, and we will compile them to the release.

Thank you for your reply