Simucube Configuration Tool not detecting?

Hello I need some help setting up my new wheel.
I bought a complete 30nm kit from simracingbay second hand. I connected it all up and the FFB functions in Assetto Corsa but the Simucube Configuration Tool isn’t detecting it. I assume this is a software issue since it works in game? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Does it show as Simucube or Mmos force feedback 2014 in Windows Devices list?

It shows Mmos force feedback 2014.
In Device Manger/Other devices it shows FT230X Basic UART

OK, then the device does not have Simucube firmware.

You must first make sure that it is a Simucube device, then you can update it to use Simucube firmware.

Yes it’s a Simucube device, I’ll try updating the firmware, thanks for all the help.

Be sure to choose the option use DRC as is when setting up things in the new Simucube software.
This is where alot of guys screw up. They end up changing some of the Ioni settings then it turns into a mess.

In fact I would go into Granity and save the current drc before you do anything. That way you can at least get back to where you started. :slight_smile:

I didn’t read that in time but the update went well and it’s all up and running, I used the recommend settings. I’m just playing with the settings now to fine tune it, it’s bouncing off the bump stops a bit harsh.
Thanks for the tip though.

You are welcome.
Most guys miss that step. :slight_smile: