Simucube change an IONI Pro by an IONI Pro HC problem

First, thank-you for all your great job Mika, and sorry for my poor english. This firmware0.812 is awesome with my combo simucube + Ioni Pro + Hirden Servo-motor.
I bought an IONI PRO HC because my HIRDEN can reach 29,5NM with this card.
So I shunt the condo of the simucube and after I changed the card. Green lights on the IONI Pro HC, but no connection on the software. So I tested USB Mod with GRANITY, but the IONI is invisible. Then, I tested connection with my old IONICUBE and the IONI PRO HC, but the lights of the card stayed off, and in granity, connection impossible.
After that, I put my old IONI Pro in SIMUCUBE card. The connection was OK in the simucube software, steering wheel rotation etc… all is OK. But in USB mode in granity my old card is invisible too…
Do you have an explanation, a solution ? Thanks…

If you can’t connect to your IONI Pro drive, but it still works, the problem can be either

  1. broken USB cable for the second USB connection
  2. Wrong FTDI driver for the SimpleMotionV2 Adapter on the SImuCUBE.

You can test 1) by trying with different cable, and 2) by testing with different computer or by upgrading the FTDI serial bridge chip drivers from here:

For the issue of the new IONI Pro HC that you have (no connection in the software), I’m thinking…
Does the Pro HC blink any leds?

All is OK, it was an USB cable problem. Thank-you for your help Mika.