Simucube board driver in same case with PC

Can i put simucube board and sdr 480 in full tower ?
Will be plexiglass between simucube and PC.
This way will have some more space.
And should new board simucube 1 alredy have Bluetooth connectivity?

I think @bsohn has a good project somewhere on putting the Simucube 1 into same case as the PC.

Simucube 1 needs the addon Simucube Wireless Wheel receiver.

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if you are part of iRacig you can see what I did here:

Brion Sohn

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I had them in the same case. Cant see the iracing link. There is a case that accepts 1 normal motherboard and a second smaller board. Don’t know if the Simucube 1 board will fit but once I get some $$$ I might give it a go…

I have full tower coolermaster big haf 932.
Uper portion is for water-cooling wich i don’t use. I make shell from plexiglass.

Here are a couple of the build photos of it… My set-up is VERY compact and I actually had to do a couple mods to the SimuCUBE board to get it all to fit… (The External Resistor was done before doing the case as this is an early SC1 board that didn’t quite have the resistor capability of newer ones. BUT that would have had to have been done because I had to lay down the Capacitor on the board in the resistors original location to allow for the Processor Heatsink to clear. There were custom carbon Fiber panels (Only because that is mu business so I had the materials) made to mount the SC1 PSU and the SC1 board… The Case Back Panel was modified to allow for port access, The USB for the simuCUBE was routed back into the machine and to the onboard USB2 Headers. and th system was completed with a Solid State relay so the SC1 tuns ON when I turn on the computer. (though I do wish I had also put a secondary power switch inline to be able to more easily reset the SC1 when (rarely) needed.

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