Simucube and motor noise

it is normal that with the RF filter between 0 and 4 when you quickly rotate the steering wheel in game, the rotation is not smooth, but you feel small steps?

Small Mige with sincos

That doesn’t sound right. Did you double check the settings?

Yes, also reloaded the original Tomo file.

Firmware and software is the last update

Which game is this happening with?

All, but I usually use iracing, and my other friends complain about the same problem

I noticed something a bit like this with the 1.71 firmware. With fast inputs, it was like the ffb could not keep up, and the ffb would skip, as in the steering would go free for a split second.
With 1.61 it’s not an issue

Have you noticed this to happen right away, or only after driving for some time?

It always happens. This is a video showing the noise on iRacing by turning the steering wheel with the car stationary on the track. RF = off

does that sound smoothen if you put the Reconstruction Filter to 5, for example?

The noise disappears but the FFB is not completely smooth.

Then it is the low 60 Hz FFB update rate from iRacing that you are feeling.

iRacing FFB does not work at 360hz? Is there a solution to improve feedback? Can notch filter help?

Thank you

yep, iRacing’s default FFB is only 60 Hz. If you use a third-party utility called iRFFB, you can get the 360 Hz signal from telemetry, but the samples will be always at least 1/60s late.

Notch filter does not help here.

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Is it possible that with older and less accurate encoders this rough feeling was much more limited or non existent? I am asking because I didn’t notice it with older osw I tested two years ago.
Also some friends updated their 10k encoder with the 2m and noticed the same thing I am feeling, like if there were “rotation steps”.