simuCube and HE pedal are not able to be working together?

after I turn on the the switch of simuCube, if the HE pedal is also connected to the PC. It feels like the clutch pedal and steering are sharing a same axis(if I tap the clutch pedal, the steering axis is going to move with the clutch, and if I steer the wheel, the clutch axis is also responding to the movement), and my brake pedal is not working at all, throttle is alright.

Is there any chance I can solve this problem?

If you are referring to the HE pedals + Simucube as separate USB devices.

Sometimes HE won’t register for me either. What has worked for me is to swap to a different USB port.

When you say “register”, do you mean the pc can’t recognize the PE pedal?

For me it’s just they can’t work together. they are conflicting with each other.

This is really strange. They should not conflict as they are separate sevices.

Are you calibrating using the new software from Heusinkveld? or the diveiw?

Yes, says IIRC “cannot recognise device” & only one of the HE / Simucube will work - whichever is inserted first.

As I mentioned (for me) swap ports, and all works together.

That was the same issue for me I had to change the USB ports swapped it with another device

Can’t believe it, one of my friends from the OSW community told me to attach the GND of HE pedal and I found 2 GND pin in HE pedal box and connected them to my rig, suddenly the problem disappeared. It seems it’s the EMI issue, but anyway, remember GND helps.

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I grounded mine when I first installed them and also had to switch usb jacks for them to be detected. Do you have your brake pedal grounded?

This is how it should be done.

It’s not EMI, I don’t believe, but rather floating ground. Button-controller suppliers need to learn how to properly design PCB’s and provide grounded vias for mounting holes. Instead, now we have to run additional grounding.

Thus I suspect floating grounds instead of EMI causing these hassles on the bodnar and other controler boards. I stand to be corrected though.

Short lesson: ALWAYS ground the button controllers proper and you won’t have issues.

For the record, I am runing a monstrous servo at a true 1:1 38NM, IONI maxed out at 25A POS and nothing special other basic sensible wiring on my DIY system, and have never had issues wrt floating ground/EMI …and this is with HE pedals.


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