Simucube Activepedal baseplate / tray

I preordered Activepedals from Canada but cannot get the corresponding simucube baseplate in stock anywhere thus far (simucube delivers to EU and US only I think). Given the length of the pedals it doesn’t really fit on most pedal baseplates in the market unless you only use 4 of the 6 attachment points (installation manual recommends using all 6 attachment points). Just wondering if anyone’s been able to find the simucube baseplate for Activepedals that ships to Canada. I appreciate it’s a privilege to be able to purchase 3 Activepedals but not being able to properly install these on my rig after spending this much for all 3 pedals, waiting and finally receiving them is rather anticlimactic. I am very impressed with the build quality and previews on YouTube from this iconic sim racing brand simucube but I think the ball was really dropped with lack of availability of the baseplate. I think many perhaps most (likely very busy) people who preordered 3 pedals would’ve gladly paid extra for a combo bundle of all 3 pedals including the baseplate for the least hassle knowing everything is good to go once the order is received. Anyway I might install the new pedals on my old baseplate as a temporary suboptimal solution while trying to find the simucube baseplate in stock somewhere that delivers to Canada accepting that I’ll have to move the pedals to the new simucube baseplate later on when I get it despite all the extra time and hassle involved. Nonetheless looking forward to using this innovative pedal set from such a leading brand will see how it goes.

If any help, i am finally getting Simucube Baseplates delivered next week, likely on wednesday or thursday. They will be available in webstore at the same moment:

Shipped with DHL Express: 3-4 days to Canada.

A baseplate included would also be no luxury immho.

Just to briefly update I am still (painfully) waiting to get my hands on the simucube baseplate rather than install my activepedals on my old heusinkveld baseplate for the reasons I noted above. My old pedals and pedal baseplate remain removed from my sim so I am temporarily limited to using a controller like the old student days until I can get my hands on a simucube baseplate (I know that is rather desperate lol). Thanks for the thoughtful replies.

I did check the link you provided Tomo as a Simucube distributor however the simucube baseplate is not yet in stock available to order at (noting it is still April 18 local time here with 30 minutes to midnight) or for that matter any other site that delivers to Canada so perhaps it will be available within the next day or so. In that case I am tempted to order it from you at and possibly cancel my preorder from a different reseller if the item is available to be shipped ASAP to my Canadian address. If you could provide an update with any changes in availability Tomo I would much appreciate it, thanks.