SimuCUBE acrylic fell and broke :( looking for some help in putting it back together

Hey all,

So my cats somehow managed to pull my SimuCUBE acrylic case off my desk and it broke on the floor. I can’t test it to see if it works yet, because the connectors from the power supply (MW NDR-480-48) came apart from the case itself. See the pics to see what I mean.

My electronics is a bit rusty at this point, so I’m asking if someone could let me know which colour connectors need to go to which pins on the plug on the case. I don’t want to wire it up incorrectly and blow the whole thing.

So, can anyone help? Hopefully I can get it wired up correctly and with a bit of luck it still works. All the other connections on the SimuCUBE board itself look fine.

Bonus pic of the jerks who did this:


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Exactly what I was looking for, thanks! Here’s hoping it still works.

Board still works, phew! And with a bit of superglue, the case is looking shabby but serviceable :slight_smile:
I have the box on the floor now so the cats won’t be able to knock it over in the future.

Thanks again Mika for your help.

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Lols, those two devils look so innocent :slight_smile:

Rubber feet on the base of Case might prevent this in the future ?

The Cheeky look on their face says it all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They always end up looking that way… Mine always get into trouble and then they do the look but I am so cute thing you can’t be mad at me… Or the “I didn’t do that”

I have four here, know that look to well :lol:

Yea they are brats… One gets up on shelves she isn’t supposed to and when I come over or tell her to get down she does but then chases my feet as I walk away. She does it just to get me up… I have 3 one being a Siamese, I call him the Pit Bull of cats.

When I had my Farm we usually had around 7. Our cats were really cool they acted like our yellow labs except for the climbing.
We had 2 boys that would run out the front door of the house,run up to the top of the telephone pole and turn around and run back down! :):smiley:

Sometimes they would climb up the side of the house and sit on the roof. When they got bored they would climb back down. I never saw this with any other cats.