Simucube 3 release in 2021?

So i’m thinking about switching to Simucube. But then I read a comment from Simucube’s offical account on a youtube video ( that both new hardware (HW) and software (SW) are coming this year (besides a new wireless module which is coming too). The simucube 2 took “Two full years of precision engineering put into the development to bring racing simulator, steering wheel, rig, and realism as close together as possible.”.

So simucube 2 was released in April 2019. Now is april 2021.

Soooooo am I guessing right and should wait? But maybe I would wait a few years if my calculation is false.

Yes there is always something new around the corner but I’m not in desperate need of another DD base.

We are not developing a new wheelbase at the moment. Teasers of new hardware and software (software features) have been on our social media channels.

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Great thanks for clarifying! That makes the choice easier.

Hi Mika,
I am planning to switch to your direct drive, specifically the simucube 2 pro. I renew the boy’s question: Are you planning to release a new base in the course of 2022? Thanks if you answer me! :slight_smile:

No news about this this year either.

and, if we started a project about this now, the global semiconductor market situation right now is such that there are no integrated circuits / microcontrollers, especially those that would be attractive for a new wheel base product. And that the next batches of those components from their manufacturers have such lead times that a new wheel base would be very unlikely to reach the production stage in 2022…


I love the openness.

I have the Ultimate and I fail to see (outside of software updates) how you could ever make it any better, bar sourcing the parts cheaper and lowering the retail price point, which, in this current client seems impossible.