Simucube 3 release in 2021?

So i’m thinking about switching to Simucube. But then I read a comment from Simucube’s offical account on a youtube video ( that both new hardware (HW) and software (SW) are coming this year (besides a new wireless module which is coming too). The simucube 2 took “Two full years of precision engineering put into the development to bring racing simulator, steering wheel, rig, and realism as close together as possible.”.

So simucube 2 was released in April 2019. Now is april 2021.

Soooooo am I guessing right and should wait? But maybe I would wait a few years if my calculation is false.

Yes there is always something new around the corner but I’m not in desperate need of another DD base.

We are not developing a new wheelbase at the moment. Teasers of new hardware and software (software features) have been on our social media channels.

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Great thanks for clarifying! That makes the choice easier.