Simucube 3 on the horizon?

there’s really no need for a new version, the only possible upgrade could be a new QR with electronics, which isn’t really an issue for 99% of ppl,

This would lead to a customer lock-in system. Only wheels with the appropriate counter part could use the Simucube then. I myself think that the present solution is absolutely ok: those who want a wireless solution have to get a wheel able to connect. All others can buy whatever wheel/s they want/like/need.
But an entry level Simucube ain’t that bad. I would love to see people moving away from Chinese stuff (for different reasons) and get something from Europe. Chinese companies still could sell hardware without stealing intellectual property.

Well, its only Fanatec that forces one to use the elecronics option in the QR. We have not plans for such requirement, and I doubt we would make it mandatory to use it if we designed a new QR with such option.

I know you can’t and won’t say if a Simucube 3 is in production but is there going to be something coming out this or next year that would be in the pro range?

Good to hear!! Thanks Mika

it’s my question, I have already made a thread in june 2023, Any new about the Simucube 3

I came here with the same exact question :). My problem (which I’m sure others have) is that I want a Simucube for the solid reputation, industrial design aesthetic, universal front mount bolt pattern, etc. However, what we’re seeing from Asetek right now is impressive, especially with their improved QR system, but I can’t quite stomach the Asetek looks, non-standard front bolt pattern, lack of a track record, large amount of plastic, etc.

Basically, what I want is a Simucube 3 Pro that outperforms an Asetek Invicta with a similar quick release (actually quick, with integrated data and enough power for something like a GSI Hyper P1). Even better if it has an integrated USB-C hub like the Asetek too. But keep the same industrial aesthetic, standard front bolt pattern, etc.

I’m sure Granite Devices can’t hint at anything until an official announcement, but personally I’ll wait for something like this. If you look at the release timeline, we have:

2016: Simucube 1 was released
2019: Simucube 2 was released

That’s only 2 products, but establishes a cadence of 3 years. If they stuck to that, we would have seen a Simucube 3 around the spring/summer of 2022, arguably making it overdue.

I think this is probably just testament to how good of a product line the SC2 is that justifies its longer lifecycle (5 years this spring), but at the same time I think it’s time for an SC3.

Both SC2 and SC1 were released in Spring/Summer, so I expect SC3 will be similar. Hopefully this year! :crossed_fingers:

A few “facts/points” why I think you should not wait for a Simucube3 and should go for a Simucube2.

Ponit1: It is still the best pruduct on the market. Investing in research to top your own pruduct?!?! In my opinion they will sometimes spend money in a new Ioni-Driver-Motor-Control-thing for the Industry and if the time is comming, GD let the Simucube-community benefit of this investment.

Ponit2:The World economy struggles abit. A Simucube3-research could be an investment on the wrong time. Especially for this small SimRacing community, which is also divided for other brands! I think to Invest in the TrueDrive-Software is much smarter, because GD/you/we get still more progress for less money…by the way, this is what GD continuously did and looks like they won’t stop!

Piont3:There is no need for a SC3. But what would be cool is a small wheelbase like Moza,Fanatec,Thrustmaster and logitech already got. Thoses Small-DD-Wheelbases are very popular! So a fourth Wheelbase on the program… same TrueDrive-Software, lower Torque, lower Price, maybe more plastic, but it would also benefits of the Granite Devices Know-How. So we can share the EQ-settings on all wheelbases and give tipps from low up to high price segment.
So four wheelbases, one Software, which resaults in one big community.

Point4:I think to get a third option for the wheelconection is a bit to much. I would not upgrade for a few pins in the Quick Release to a Sumucube3. And I know many Drivers who think this way. I mean… I know People out there, who got really impressive Steeringwheel-colections! And I like this Quick-Release to be honest!

My opinion, certainly not everyone’s. But I think it’s understandable in many respects.

If you already have invested in a SC2 and compatible QRs I understand why you’d rationalize it this way. But the reality is that for people NOT invested in the ecosystem, buying a SC2 today doesn’t make a lot of sense when you factor-in the performance and QoL features on newer wheelbases (like Invicta). This is a problem for Simucube, no matter how you slice it, and definitely justifies a SC3 release IMO.

I’m not an engineer, but it should be possible to make the SC2 steering wheels compatible with the SC3 quick release.
Or what would also be cool, an upgrade kit for the SC2. Should not that hard to change the Quick Release, if the SC2 got a hollow-shaft.

although invicta is like a sc2 with mige so i don’t get it how this justifies a sc3 release ?

Peak&Notch Filter is exclusive for Simucube2.
But I think there was an exchange of technology.

Invicta has a better QR, both in speed of use and power and data delivery. It’s also reviewing as somehow quicker than SC2 pro. So there’s definitely room for improvement in a hypothetical SC3.

What do you mean quicker?

Almost all Invicta reviewers that come from a SC2 pro as their daily driver reported that they felt more detail and more connected to the road. They attributed this to slew rate being faster, and we can’t compare advertised numbers because both companies use different measurement methods. Might just be software and something Simucube can adapt to SC2 Pro, but as both products are shipping today, apparently Invicta has superior FFB. DaveCam even sold his SC2 immediately after doing that review.

Could these guys all be paid off? Sure. But there seems to be a consensus. And I’m even seeing anecdotes of users “upgrading” from a SC2 to an Invicta. Note I’ve personally tried neither of these, so I’m only regurgitating what I’ve been researching over the past couple weeks. Also note that I’m partial to Simucube myself for my next base. But these improvements with the Invicta are enticing. I’m just hoping Simucube finds a way to top them.

That is exactly what has happened.


That’s a serious accusation and calls into question the integrity of a long list of people. Is there any evidence that this is actually what happened?

Why not buy Invista now then instead of waiting for mythical SC3?
Pretty sure there was user posting here who got both, just search, but IIRC he wasn’t that impressed with Asetek.

As for a “quick” release, you can always replace SC2 QR with XeroPlay, Buchfink Q1R, or other quick release of your choice, of course there will be no data and power as in Invista, but based on what Mika posted that’s unlikely happen with the new iteration of SC either.

If you’re talking about what Mika posted in this thread, he said they wouldn’t force the user to use electronics like Fanatec does, which is great. I don’t think that means that Simucube’s hypothetical SC3 QR wouldn’t have power and data. I think everyone agrees that this is a very desired feature and I honestly can’t imagine a SC3 product without it. The bigger question is “when”? And would the new QR be adaptable to SC2?

Asetek’s QR is innovative but it has other issues, such as anemic power delivery. It apparently can only deliver 1 amp, while high-end wheels like what GSI is producing (often with screens) need much more to run at reasonable brightness. And then there are still questions around the security of that paddle mechanism, though they claim those concerns have been solved.

Whatever Simucube would develop would hopefully be better than that.

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I know you were not referencing me, but I am either between buying an SC2pro or wait it out until a the mythical SC3. I am just scared being a late adopter and spending $1300 with knowing I’d need to upgrade relatively soon again. If I just purchased early last year I would be happy haha