Simucube 2 ultimate vs Leo Bodnar SS2 (54) ultimate

ignoring the monetary aspect, which of these bases would be the best?
I’m looking for the best wheel base out there and these were the two big names, but, if you know any other, feel free to educate me :smiley:

I mean, you are asking on the granite forum, not a simracing fb group…

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I believe Barry Rowland (SRG) still prefers his SS2 after testing and reviewing perhaps all DD wheels under the sun.
If you ask Beano, you’ll probably hear different answer.

@Andrew: Yes, my experience is different compared to Barry’s.

I owned 2x SS2 54G wheels before, I still have a Podium DD2 and a variety of OSW setups here, nothing comes close to the capability of the Simucube 2. Barry is absolutely entitled to his view wrt the SS2 being better than the SC2 Pro he compared it with, my bet is back then he did not fully understand/knew how to properly tune the SC2, as you can fully replicate the SS2 feel with it.

Simucube 2 can cover the feel of every ffb wheel in the market, including the busy feel of the Fanatec Podium series, as well as the over-dampened super-rubbery feel of the Bodnar SS2.

Thus, it covers the full range both ends of the spectrum, due to its superior processing power and filter capability.

I know quite many (very fast and experienced ) guys that went from SS2 to SC2, they are all unanimous in their opinion it was a pretty decent step-up. I don’t want to speak for them, they can comment themselves.




I wanted to “emulate” SimSteering 2 feel. Can you please give me some pointers how should I set TD filters? I guess I should significantly limit Slew Rate and add a lot of damping?

Hello Jan,
First try slew-rate at the 0.1-0.6 level, I guess around 0.25-0.4 it will be very close to SS2, but I have never liked SS2, nor SC2, at those settings… Try same time playing with damper, friction and inertia between 10-20%

Let me know if that works for you….




Will try it soon and will let you know if it feels like a wheel for 3300 GBP:)
New Raceroom 100% physical based FFB, feels too rough/spiky at recommended 0% damping, friction and inertia. I usually run low damping etc. in rf2 too and max slew rate, so I wanted to try with settings at pretty much opposite end of spectrum.

maybe the only feature missing for sc2 is something like simxperience foundation ffb for accuforce dd…I never tried it though, but it seems very interesting. have you tried it Beano? also do you think it would be possible to implement something like that for sc2 true drive?

we are considering how and when to implement things that are based on game telemetry.


Someone has done this before and it seems to work very well. If you of Granite are considering it only now, does it mean that I will never see it?

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We have many ongoing projects, some are related to this in a loose way. In short, making this work well would be a major investment of our development resources. Also, the way Sim Commander has implement a overwhelming amount of settings and sliders, is not the user friendly way to go either.

Nevertheless, we are close to getting to test the Simucube firmware “2.0” release, with much simplified code (profiles moved to Paddock/cloud) and added functionalities, that would make developing these types of things much more easier.


Ha, perhaps 2 years ago, I bought a new Accuforce just to see how it compares to servo-based wheels. But I took it off after 1 hour and sold it the next day, as there was no comparison.

As a 1st dd wheel, and coming from belt-drive, it would be ok, but I couldn’t really stand the noticeable cogging, when compared to even an old Mige on SC1 controller….

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Let me know how you go, I could never stand that balloon-feel, hence selling both my SS2’s. But if you’re into that sort of feel, it isn’t to bad.

I love my SC Pro. I’m just saying that lower tier competitors (SimXperience, Simagic etc.) have developed their software, providing their customers with constant updates which have made their wheels much more efficient while being of lower quality to our Simucube and above all at a much lower cost. We have been standing still for a year with our Simucube. The new software, when it is stable and working, will have nothing substantially new to improve the engine, but only “special effects” such as graphics and sharing of profiles that do not help much. I hope I’m wrong of course.


I just tried it yesterday in Raceroom:
set Slew rate 0.5, damping 16, friction 10 , intertia 13 and as expected feel is completely different than all other settings I tried so far (because I always run Slew rate at unlimited ).

I never tried a SimSteering 2 so I can’t say how close it is, but I recently tried again my previous, belt driven wheel (T300 GT) and now it felt much more like it (except I still run my SC2 pro force significantly stronger than T300) .

Generally it felt OK, maybe a little over dampened, but I could run such settings. Honestly it felt more natural/realistic than recommended settings for Raceroom:
damping, inertia, friction all at 0 and Slew rate: unlimited

With such settings it often feels too rough/spiky. Maybe I just got used to belt-driven over dampened feel, because I used it for few years (before moving to SC2 Pro for a year).
Problem is I never raced real car IRL (except 2 street sport cars, and Karts) so don’t have RL experience to compare what is realistic. I guess I will end up increasing Slew rate to be somewhere in the middle.

Yep, those should be nice and soft, will be close to old ecci7000 wheel too. As long as you like it, is all that matters. I also find a lot of recommendations from guys all over are very rough and spiky, I like mine more dampened, as you might have seen from my other profiles.

As you have it now, will still be a bit more active than SS2, as that one would be about slew-rate 0.15-0.2. But that is way to soft imho, where you have it now a very good compromise if you like belt-drive-style ffb.

Hi there. Would you mind posting your settings for iRacing please? I would like to give them a try if you dont mind. I have settings which I feel are decent for me but I have tried many profiles from a few streamers and real race drivers and they all feel super grainy and not feel very realistic at all

Hi Mate, let me know your settings for Damping, Friction, Inertia, Slew Rate. Let’s see what we can do…

These are my settings, I dont dislike them I’m just interested in what you’re running as you said a lot of the recommendations you found were rough and grainy which is what I have found as well

I’m brand new to SC - so I’ve only had a few weeks to form opinions - I don’t know what I am missing vs the competition, but reviews have all indicated that the SC2 in it’s current state is better than the SimXperience and Simagic

I had a DD1 for 18 months and in that time I felt the ‘driver improvements’ actually made it worse.